Sitemark makes final list of professional cleaning industry's finest products and services - Sitemark Ltd
Sitemark makes final list of professional cleaning industry's finest products and services
It's been a tough year for all and the cleaning industry as a whole has been at the forefront in combatting Coronavirus.
Sitemark has made the final list of Tomorrows Cleaning finest products and services.
The Tomorrow's Cleaning Awards are celebrating their 10th year; the awards are a celebration of the best products and services that have graced the industry and made it into Tomorrow's Cleaning over the past 12 months. This is a mix of innovative new products or services, and reliable favourites built on a reputation of success that continue to excel.
Sitemark developed a Covid-19 Workplace Risk Assessment Tool and Hygiene Programme that ensures all possible measures have been put in place to minimise the risk of infections keeping building users safe. The tool has been downloaded by thousands around the world and offers a framework in which to plan a response to the virus, it's relevant for all sectors including education, healthcare, manufacturing, commercial to name a few.
The COVID-19 Workplace Hygiene Programme has been developed for clients to help them manage the short and long term cleaning requirements following the Coronavirus pandemic. Unlike traditional cleaning specifications, which focus almost entirely on visual standards of cleanliness, the programme helps identify and control those areas where additional hygiene standards are required. This will help minimise the risk of workplace contamination as buildings gradually become reoccupied so that building users remain safe and healthy. The programme can be self managed or independently audited by Sitemark to demonstrate that Best practice is being met.
Voting for the awards closes on Monday 15th March 2021 and the results will be announced in late March.
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