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Case study - Loughborough College


Ensuring campus is COVID secure for returning students, staff and visitors


Loughborough College wanted to ensure the whole campus is COVID secure for their returning students, staff and visitors. The College wanted them to have confidence that they are safe, while also meeting Government guidelines. They were also keen to be able to demonstrate that they have received independent advice to achieve this, supporting their own programme.


Sitemark's Workplace Hygiene Programme provided the ideal solution as it enables the college to display highly visible coordinated signage, conduct a site specific COVID-19 building risk assessment, add a hygiene cleaning specification to complement their existing specification and conduct regular independent swab test audits by Sitemark, supporting their own in house swab test audits.


A high visual presence in all buildings and areas, achieved through the display of coordinated labels, boards and banners. Swab test auditing identified areas where cleaning frequencies are in line with best practice.
Swab test auditing identified areas where cleaning frequencies require increasing, to achieve best practice
Loughborough College will be continually updated through the Workplace Hygiene Programme as Government advice and scientific research changes.
Staff, students and visitors to Loughborough College, can visit with confidence that the organisation has used best practice methods to deliver a COVID secure environment.
"With the support of Sitemark at every stage of the process, Loughborough College has implemented a robust cleaning and auditing regime which provides a strong foundation for continued vigilance against Covid-19. Sitemark advised on signage, an auditing system and the application of that audit across the College, and acted as champions on site."
Dale Richardson, Senior Estate and Facilities Manager

ABOUT Loughborough College

Loughborough College is a general further education college, established in 1909, and is located in Leicestershire England. The most recent development is The Hub, which was constructed in 2013. A wide range of courses are on offer, including further education, higher education, apprenticeships, and professional qualifications. The College also has a long standing association with sport.
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