The Open University Case Study - Sitemark Ltd
Case study - The Open University
Recycling And Waste Benchmarking Review Identifies Commodity Options For The Open University
The Open University has made significant improvements in its recycling and waste performance over a number of years and was looking for ways to start engaging with rebates along with increased recycling solutions and strategies over and above those identified by the internal management team.
The Open University engaged the services of Sitemark under their guarantee scheme; if no savings or significant recycling solutions could be identified no charges would be levied. Sitemark undertook an in-depth 2 day site visit where all on-site external and internal consoles were reviewed and all data associated with recycling was inspected.
Through in-depth investigation and process knowledge Sitemark identified the potential of rebate solutions to just over 15% of the annual budget and additional savings around processes of a further 10 to 15% of current budgets. The University now has a vision to take their recycling levels to new heights.
"Sitemark were able to demonstrate to the management team that some of the streams that we have been segregating for some time held a value in the commodity market place. They then obtained example rebates for the materials and some of the providers in the market place. We can now consider how to rearrange our infrastructure around this new approach and drive further change and improvement."
Margaret Dawkins - Catering and Cleaning Contracts Manager
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