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Case study - Optivo
Recycling and waste benchmarking review outlines additional options to improve recycling and reduce costs across tenanted facilities
Optivo identified a need to improve recycling and waste activity across their large tenanted facilities to bring them in line with best practice solutions.
The company engaged Sitemark to undertake a recycling and waste benchmarking review of 14 sites across the South East of England, including the head office site, to understand the current position and existing processes in place. This process reviewed container configurations, costs to the organisation across the portfolio and allowed on-site staff to gain access to recycling and waste specialists in their own locations.
The accommodation buildings were grouped by location and four separate reports produced which summarised where best practice was being achieved by the local authority. Recommendations for extended tenant recycling services were made, such as including food waste segregation. The process identified that at least 6 local authorities provide this service but had not offered this with their regular clearance schedule.
Sitemark found a potential annual saving of approximately £25k and uncovered several cases where Optivo had been overcharged. Optivo is now in a strong position, with independent evidence, to enter cost discussions with their providers. The review process provided Optivo with 45 strategies, some measurable, others simple to implement and several long term targets that will help Optivo increase their recycling rates and improve their data collection and reporting procedures.
ABOUT Optivo
One of the largest housing providers in the UK and a member of the G15 group of London's largest housing associations. With over 45,000 homes across London, the South East and the Midlands, giving 90,000 people somewhere affordable to call their own.
Optivo invest heavily in neighbourhood community programmes, helping residents with training, careers advice, financial and digital inclusion so they can develop their potential and live their best lives.
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