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Case study - Rawlins Academy
Academy identifies improvements in cleaning and recycling through independent benchmark reviews
Rawlins Academy wanted to understand how their in-house cleaning service compared to best in class providers and to improve cleaning standards across the school. There was also a requirement to identify their service delivery for recycling and waste, benchmark it against current standards and to establish, if and where, improvement opportunities might exist for both requirements.
Sitemark was commissioned to review the cleaning and recycling/waste services. An independent benchmark evaluation commenced for both which, following an onsite visit and analysis of all collected data, produced a bespoke report for each provision.
Cleaning: cost saving was not the focus for the cleaning review; the cost per square metre was already 17.3% below the sector benchmark. The process identified that, despite some challenging conditions in older areas of the academy, there existed an opportunity to improve overall efficiency and raise cleaning standards to benchmark levels or above. The academy received a comprehensive action plan with clear priorities for improving health and safety and increasing productivity: many of these being easy to implement for little, or no cost.
Recycling and waste: analysis of the waste streams identified a potential cost saving of £3,000 and established that the academy is zero to landfill. Waste streams were re-classified and now the academy can improve recycling rates and obtain rebates. 44 strategies were provided giving the academy improvement potential in areas including: cost reduction, recycling, circular economy, corporate social responsibility and reporting. The review identified the need to reduce dependency on non-recycling i.e. waste going to refuse derived fuel (RDF). Again, many of the strategies are implementable for little, or no, cost: the main being price negotiation, centralised recycling and better food segregation.
"An extremely professional, thorough and productive review. The final presentation enabled us to forward plan strategically in order to improve efficiency and outcomes"
Claire Darby, Principal
ABOUT Rawlins Academy
Rawlins Academy has seen many changes over the 300 years the school has existed, but none so challenging as the current school funding shortfalls. Despite this, the academy retains the desire to inspire achievement in its students by nurturing talent and encouraging positive citizenship. Inclusivity is a core philosophy, and the school has special units for Autism and moderate learning difficulties (MLD)
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