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Case study - University Of Sheffield Accommodation Villages
Recycling and Waste Benchmarking Review Highlights Increased Recycling Opportunities and Cost Reduction
The University of Sheffield has pioneered some solutions within the University Accommodation sector having established a robust "Zero to Landfill" policy, developed active food waste solutions across the site and pioneered an excellent network of console storage areas. The Accommodation Services Team became aware that it needed to address the escalating costs of removing waste material from its accommodation villages within the City and needed to consider options to increase the recycling levels of the facility.
The University engaged the services of Sitemark to benchmark the current provision and within this process produce some additional solutions that the University had not considered and also prove the viability of some of the solutions that the facility had considered.
The Benchmarking Review identified a list of around 30 different strategies and recommendations that could be implemented and adopted to further embed recycling into the fabric of the facility. The savings resulting from these additional approaches exceed 20% of the current budget and would be retained year on year. Some of these strategies are easy to implement while others require the engagement with other stakeholders in the organisation but nevertheless are valid opportunities for the future.
The University of Sheffield accommodation is home to over 5,500 students. There is a mixture of modern apartment blocks, flats and houses, providing a range of selfcatered and catered room types available including shared, deluxe, studios and en-suite rooms. The University boasts a top 3 position in 'The Times Best Universities' for student experience.
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