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Case study - University of Reading

University of Reading

Benchmarking review provides encouraging outlook for University


The university was keen to see how a benchmarking review would help it further its endeavours and take the next steps on its recycling and waste journey.


Sitemark's independent review provided a pre-determined process which could be relied upon to outline the benefits of the existing provision as well as advice on areas where change and improvement could be undertaken. Through the benchmarking the University could confirm it had identified some excellent opportunities.


Sitemark provided an extensive list of supportive change management opportunities, ideas and strategies through the benchmarking review process.
The process helped confirm to the University of Reading that its cardboard and skip services needed to be adapted.
Potential savings across the annual recycling and waste budget of just under 20% were identified and itemised individually.
Sitemark identified that within its market and regional sectors the rates currently being paid by the university on an average basis whilst not the lowest are at the lower end of prevailing charging regimes.
The university is now considering and working on some of the 74 strategies, ideas and recommendations that Sitemark provided as a result of the review.
The university will move into its next recycling and waste tender process with confidence behind the data it provides to potential service providers and details around where opportunities exist to drive improvement.
"This was an expansion of our working relationship with Sitemark. Having the experience of recycling and waste specialists review our innovation and working relationship with current providers and be able to add value to it made the process very worthwhile"
Paul Taylor - Sustainability Officer

ABOUT University of Reading

The University of Reading has been at the forefront of UK higher education for nearly a century. Over the decades it has become synonymous with innovators and pioneers, pushing academic boundaries and leading social change. In 2016, it celebrated the 90th anniversary of the grant of it's Royal Charter by King George V. The University of Reading is at the forefront of sustainable solutions to reduce waste and regularly pushes the boundaries by developing new answers to recycling and waste problems.
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