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Thank your cleaner day

Thank your cleaner day
How did you celebrate? Julius Rutherfoord & Co (JR & Co); a client of Sitemark celebrated by treating their cleaners to a well deserved spread after achieving an incredible 96.2% score on their latest Sitemark audit, as part of their independent review, at The Salvation Army's Sunbury Court.
JR & Co have held the contract with The Salvation Army since 2014 and engaged Sitemark to provide continuous, impartial verification of their cleaning; with marked improvements each visit.
This latest audit scored particularly high across all areas; with four receiving 100%.Their efficiency ranked at 93.3% against an industry benchmark of 80.3% and an effectiveness score of 96.2% compared to an 88.8% industry benchmark.
Some of the main highlights of the review included the cleaning standard being excellent, and outstanding monthly reporting. The staff turnover was 0% with no new starters in the past year, which is fantastic.
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